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Alternatives to Delicious

Posted by skatsh on December 30, 2010

With the news stories about the possible demise (or sale) of Delicious, many of us have been seeking alternatives.  The recommendations I’ve read so far are Google Bookmarks, Diigo, Pinboard, and Mister Wong.  I’ve been exploring Google Bookmarks, only because I would think it would have longevity.  Importing bookmarks from Delicious to Google Bookmarks works fine, but there’s no option for a tag cloud, which makes for a long list, even if you’re sparing with your labels (Google’s version of tags).  I do hope Delicious stays around in some capacity.  Regardless, it might be a good time to check out CCML’s Delicious bookmarks and the NNLM Bookmarks.

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Welcome, new member!

Posted by memorizingmo on December 16, 2010

Elizabeth Charles has joined us at CCML.  Happy to have you, Elizabeth.

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Treasurer’s Report

Posted by Lynda Lillwitz on December 2, 2010

CCML’s 2010-2011 budget has been approved. The allowed expenses are $11,177.00 and the projected income is $5,410.00. For detailed information, go to:

CCML’s current balance is $11,161.44. We have had $1,951.71 in expenses and $743.24 in income since April 1, 2010. For detailed information, go to:

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