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…and to think I was blaming cable TV and the internet

Posted by richardmaxwell on June 10, 2011

I don’t think this guy was intending to describe the intellectual landscape 161 years in the future (probably innocently expected progress), but he seems to have done a pretty good job:

(from the Quackwatch e-mail update)

Quackwatch has posted a digital copy of Lessons from the History of Medical Delusions, by Worthington Hooker, M.D. The book was published in 1850, when scientific medicine was in its infancy, but Hooker correctly identified what he called “the principal elements or cases of medical delusions” as dispositions toward (a) considering whatever follows a cause as being the result of that cause, (b) basing one’s beliefs on a single theory, (c) espousing the opposite of what is generally believed, (d) theorizing instead making strict observations, (e) fashion in diseases and in their remedies, (f) undue fondness toward new things, and (g) putting a low value upon the medical profession.

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CCML General Membership Meetings — 2011/2012

Posted by memorizingmo on June 1, 2011

Please mark your calendars to attend the upcoming 2011/2012 CCML General Membership Meetings:

Friday – September 16, 2011

Friday – November 18, 2011

Friday – February 17, 2012

Friday – April 20, 2012


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