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2012 Graber Award Recipient

Posted by skatsh on April 12, 2012

Established in 2002, the Marla Graber Award for Excellence and Achievement is awarded annually to recognize CCML members who have made outstanding contributions to CCML and to health sciences librarianship at the local level.

The CCML Awards Committee takes great pleasure in announcing this year’s recipient, Debbie Weaver, outgoing (in more than one sense of the word!) President of CCML.

Debbie has served us ably as CCML president for nearly two years, assuming the role on top of her president-elect duties for most of the year before her presidential term.  Since joining CCML in 1999 she has been active in CCML in other roles as well, serving as

  • program chair for the 2009 MCMLA meeting in Breckenridge
  • chair of the Education Committee 2006-2007
  • member of the Internet Committee 2003 and 2006-2007
  • chair of the Internet Committee 2003-2006
  • member of the Advocacy Task Force/Committee 2003-2005

As a leader, she is creative, conscientious, hard-working, and organized in ways that put many of us to shame!

Debbie also shone in several roles during her 9 years at The Children’s Hospital.  She was Access Services Librarian, Clinical and Instruction Librarian, and then Manager of Library Services.  Among her many accomplishments during her tenure, she planned and moved the library, oversaw a four-fold increase in use of the resources and services provided by the library, and created a new librarian role for Residents’ Morning Supervisory Conference.

During her brief but very productive time as reference librarian at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, Debbie made substantial contributions to the NICU Evidence-Based Journal Club. The work of this multidisciplinary journal club provides the foundation for the guidelines that are used in the care of this vulnerable population, so the searches Debbie did were critical.

Unlike many of us unreconstructed English majors, Debbie is one of the few with biomedical undergraduate degrees.  She was a Boettcher Foundation Scholar and graduated with distinction from CSU with pre-med majors in Microbiology and Medical Technology.  This background stood her in good stead during her 11 years as a Medical Technologist at the (now) Denver Health Medical Center.  There, she was named an “Outstanding” employee.  We take great pleasure in naming her an Outstanding medical librarian, well-deserving of the Marla Graber Award for Excellence and Achievement.

The CCML Awards Committee
Lisa Traditi, Chair
Margaret Bandy
Elaine Connell
Sara Katsh


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