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Lynne Fox is blogging from MCMLA 2012!

Posted by lynnemariefox on October 3, 2012

Ok, maybe you’re not excited enough to put an exclamation point after that headline, but I’m at MCMLA 2012 and have received one of those fabulous NNLM-MCR grants to attend.

In an effort to share what I’ve learned I am going to be blogging on Council Quotes about the events.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up and blog for every event, but I’ll try to keep you informed if you couldn’t attend. Use the comments section to add your thoughts on any of my blog posts!

First lesson – don’t follow John Jones and his champagne wishes and caviar dreams to lunch!  After being invited out for diner food, we wound up at Capitol Grille and a pretty pricey, but delicious lunch!

After CEs this afternoon we’re off to the Steamboat Arabia for a peek at the lifestyles of yesteryear, to the opening reception.

[Lynne M. Fox, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Health Sciences Library]


One Response to “Lynne Fox is blogging from MCMLA 2012!”

  1. Charlene said

    The Blog for the conference submitted by Lynne Fox captured my attention and brought information to me that I would not have had access to since I did not attend MCMLA2012. Sharing information that one of our fellow librarians learn at a conference enhances all of us. I also, agree with the speaker that says our job is to teach people how to find the best information since there is now such a over abundance it is easy to get lost, or get bad information.

    I sometimes wonder if we should be forming our own professional sites Advertising ourselves as Professional Researches for Top Quality Results? We need to bring some recognition to the skills of the profession of Librarian.

    Charlene O

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