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MCMLA Statistical Literacy CE is a 1000% Success!

Posted by lynnemariefox on October 3, 2012

Do you know when a confidence interval indicates positive or negative findings, no change or is an ambiguous result? Can you recognize when heterogeneity or publication bias is present in a meta-analysis? How about when and why randomization is used in studies and what you should know about studies that don’t randomize?

I didn’t but I thought I did. UNTIL I attended Steve Simon’s CE “Statistical Literacy for Medical Librarians.” If I don’t know now, it’s not Steve Simon’s fault. Simon is an evangelist for statistical
literacy, believing that we would live in a better world if we could appraise the statistics put before us every day.

In an engaging 4 hours (what? it’s over? that was 4 hours?) Simon explained and illustrated concepts important to help librarians evaluate studies and to help our patrons by asking the right questions about research studies. He asked and answered questions like “How can you be sure to compare apples to apples?” and “How do you know if there any apples left in the tree?” to illustrate issues related to creating good quality, meaningful meta-analyses.

Simon is an enthusiastic and entertaining teacher, and if you missed this CE in favor of one of the others
you can still catch up.  Simon is the creator of the PMean website, and a e-newsletter, The Pmean that provides insight and education about statistical matters. He is also the author of Statistical Evidence in Clinical Trials, one of the most entertaining texts on statistics ever (no formulas, guaranteed.)

[Lynne M. Fox, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Health Sciences Library]


2 Responses to “MCMLA Statistical Literacy CE is a 1000% Success!”

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  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog. I am sorry I missed those programs but I am grateful that you summarized them. Very interesting stuff! I’ve already bookmarked the PMean website and will sign up for “The Monthly Mean” newsletter that “dares to call itself average.” :-)

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