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Alma Williams, from ParkView Medical Center, Retires

Posted by Roz Farnam on January 5, 2011

Alma Williams, Pueblo

Alma Williams in front of her awards

Alma Williams retired December 30, 2010 from Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado. She has been a member of CCML since 1985. Before starting a Parkview in 1982, she worked at many diversified jobs, such as nursing, real estate, the Government Printing Distribution Center and also as an apartment manager and census taker. When she started, she had a knowledgeable librarian teach her the many tasks she would need to perform the challenging work in a medical library and how to supply good customer service.

In 1986, Alma became the library coordinator. With the help of an excellent library clerk and a good volunteer, she provided information to the employees, physicians, nursing and allied health students as well as the public. She has been a DOCLINE user since the beginning of DOCLINE and was always willing to lend from her collection. She was particularly impressed with the availability of the world’s literature through OCLC and shares here some of her experiences.

Alma was able to attend CCML meetings when they were held in Pueblo or Colorado Springs. She participated in all the CCML DOCLINE surveys. She received several achievement and service awards from Parkview as shown in the picture.

CCML wishes Alma Williams the best in her retirement.

Alma can be reached at her new e-mail: <alma_w_19992003 (at)>

Alma’s Views on OCLC:

For several years, I had to go to our public library to catalog the books as we had a contract with them to use OCLC services. Then one day I was surprised to learn that they were not going to use OCLC anymore and we would have to do something different. We decided to contract with OCLC on our own and will always be thankful for this service.

As long as I have used OCLC, I am still amazed by the things I am able to accomplish. I catalog all of our new book acquisitions and have them on the shelf in a short amount of time. A few days later I have the catalog cards. My patrons ask me to get books from other libraries through OCLC. Sometimes they just want to read the book and other times, after they review the selection, many decide to purchase the book.

It’s unbelievable what a large resource we have in the OCLC libraries. Many times books and magazines are found only in Canada or United Kingdom libraries. I use OCLC to get articles that are not available in our library or other medical libraries, which we access through DOCLINE. Very seldom does a patron ask for an article that I can’t find in some OCLC library that will supply it to us.

One time I requested an article from a library in the United Kingdom and they sent it along with a note: “It’s always nice to have a patron ask about books written by a certain author and I can do a search and be able to give them this information. OCLC is the most wonderful resource available to the small library.”

Alma Williams

Alma Williams retires after 28 years at Parkview Medical Center, Pueblo

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